Einhorn Yaffee Prescott
CLIENT STUDY - Active Project

CoStar Group
1331 L Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

In June of 2010, Orion was called upon by our long time client to support their relocation of headquarters operations into a new building in Washington, DC. The new building would be retrofit with new infrastructure to support their specifications and would run as a multiphase operation over the next year. The new infrastructure would include incorporating enhanced Category 5e voice and enhanced Category 5e data cabling into the under floor system being system throughout the 10 floor building. This horizontal distribution would be supported with a fiber optic and high pair copper backbone throughout the building, all originating from the Data Center.

In phase one of the project. Orion installed fiber optic backbone to interlink the POP, Data Center and IDFs; as well as the copper backbone for the AV and analog circuits between these closets. In addition, within in the Data Center cabinets, we installed the switch interconnectivity copper backbone and the port-to-port patch cabling.

In phase two of the project which also took place in late 2010, Orion began the floor by floor horizontal infrastructure installation. In this phase (7th and 8th floors), we installed not only the 132,000ft oh workstation cabling, but also the complete IDF infrastructure and cable routing/management. In addition to the voice and data networks, Orion also installed the integrated Valcom paging system and additional fiber optic backbone cabling. As with the Data Center, our attention to details put us in the drivers seat on the port-to-port patching in this phase as well.  Please take a moment to review some of our work from Phase 2.

Now approaching the completion of phase three (9th floor) on the project, which began in early 2011, we have complete the installation of an additional 73,000ft of horizontal cabling and the associated IDF infrastructure. In the final days of the project, we are now finalizing the details in the port-to-port patching on this floor as well.

As with all of our Ortronics installations, this project was performed under the 25-year performance warranty program.